to mark the journey of Polish exiles


8,000 km - 7 countries - 6 months on bicycle

8,000 Kilometres

7 Countries

                     6 Months

SYBIRAK Cycle is an 8,000 km cycling expedition following the path of Polish citizens deported to labour camps across Northern Russia, Siberia and Kazakhstan, and their journey to freedom. The expedition was completed in 2015.

'Sybirak' - A person imprisoned or exiled to Siberia, including those Polish citizens specifically sent to Siberia, Arctic Russia and Kazakhstan in the 1940s.The expedition in 2015 marked the 75th anniversary of the mass deportations of 1940, and is inspired and dedicated to their journey. 

Freedom Spoke: A remarkable, unknown story following the route of 1.7 million citizens of Eastern Poland secretly deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan.  

This expedition is dedicated to all those who made this journey - 
to honour the suffering endured, and the dignity and courage demonstrated.  
Ta wyprawa jest organizowana i zadedykowana tym którzy przebyli tą drogę.  W ten sposób chcemy uhonorować ich cierpienia, odwagę i godność.

Supporters and Partners

With deep gratitude to those companies and individuals who have given their time, money, expertise and energy in helping make the expedition and film project successful. 

                                              Thank You!  Dziękujemy!